How to celebrate Valentine The Ghibli way.

Valentine, 14 February the day everyone celebrate “love” some celebrate it with his/her loved one, others with family, friends …etc.

but not Ghibli lovers We don’t celebrate it like the rest of the world we are going to celebrate it how Miyazaki taught us in his Movies.

The way Miyazaki expresses love in his movies are unique let’s take howl’s moving castle for example there’s Sophie who believes that she is an ordinary girl and that nothing exciting will ever happen in her life, and there’s Howl a heartless wizard, two completely different worlds yet Miyazaki captures our heart from the first encounter between them, until the end, this tell us that love between two people can transcend time and space, that love is about the bound that link two or more people together and no matter the ups and downs that we get, the stronger the bond gets.

”Once you meet someone, you don’t realty forget them”

this quotes from spirited away shows us the depth of relationship between Haku and Chihiro, and it’s a special love an innocent love, the love we have experienced once we were kids, forgotten about it and in spirited away it’s a reminder for that unique love to bring it back to our lives.

many types of love experienced in ghibli movies, and we will talk about them in other postes. But in todays post it’s about a reminder on how to spend your day with your loved ones.

i would recommend a ghibli movie, with a hot cup of coffee.

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