Howl’s Moving Castle most Asked Question ”and answers”

if you are like me, watched howl’s moving castle but have alot of question with no answer, we tried answering them in this post.

if you have some questions leave them in comments.

Why is Sophie’s hair still gray?

the answer to this was explained properly in the original novel by Dianne Wynn-Jones, in reality the curse didn’t keep going that long, and the main explanation that Sophie remained old was of her own doing and thoughts (she ends up having the supernatural capacity to talk life into things.)

i personally loved the way it presented, it show us how many time, we put limitation on ourselves with our own thoughts, it’s a great reminder to not pay attention to such thoughts.

Why does the Witch of the Waste want Howl’s heart?

Her craving to have Howl’s heart is materialistic as she doesn’t appear to need it for a similar explanation’s Sophie does, love.

we can see that from her own saying ”Men, why ever should we want them? But a young man’s heart is so delicious!…and so adorable too.”

How did howl lose his heart?

One night on the Porthaven Marshes, Howl got a Falling Star named Calcifer and made an agreement with him. He gave his heart to the animal, restricting them together, and permitting Calcifer to live for he felt frustrated about him, while boosting his own supernatural force.

Why did howl swallow a falling star?

calcifer was initially a falling star, whom Howl had the option to get before he tumbled to earth and quenched. He is a ground-breaking animal himself, with a lot of otherworldly capacity, however can’t move past the bounds of the hearth in which Howl keeps him without the wizard’s assistance.

What does the name calcifer mean?

The name of a fire devil in the dream novel “Cry’s Moving Castle.” It is by all accounts developed on the devilish model of Lucifer (“bringing light”), however subbing the Latin root for heat (“calor”) or potentially limestone (“calc-“) instead of light.

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