Why did the witch curse Sophie?


but who’s the witch of the waste anyway to cast such on Sophie.

The Witch of the Waste was an incredible and dreaded witch with a tremendous weapons store of mystical capacities. She used to be a decent witch until she made a settlement with a fire evil spirit. The connection among her and the devil got parasitic and started to deplete her and her enchantment. Despite the fact that the devil had depleted her enchantment for a long time she was as yet fit for projecting condemnations, yet not ready to switch them. She reviled Sophie in light of her desire towards Howl’s enthusiasm for Sophie to a long term old witch, she is prepared to do some type of supernatural power, as observed when she opened the bolted entryway to Sophie’s cap store. Because of that, Madame Suliman attracted her into channel her enchanted powers and reestablishing the witch into her genuine appearance she is right now frail.

the witch of the waste is a talented witch she was so pretty for that Howl pursued her, but he discovered that she used magic to keep herself looking young and beautiful, he then left her. but the thing is she didn’t get over him she was still in love with Howl , instead she uses her magical powers and henchmen to try and capture him after seeing him with Sophie.

this is why because of her jealousy, arrives at night to Sophie’s hat shop, and turn her into a 90 year-old woman.

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