Howl the man who makes you fall every time.

Before watching howl moving castle I noticed that girls talk a lot about howl in studio ghibli groups and describing him in a magical way, a way that makes you want to meet him and with that image in my head i went to watch the movie , and oh boy the first time I saw howl rescuing Sophie it was the moment I understood, why everybody loves him, from the moment he approached sophie from behind gently and from that point everything is magical take her by the hand and fly with her i am pretty sure sohpie’s heart was dancing.

Howl Jenkins Pendragonis our male protagonist from the movie Howl’s Moving Castle is a mysterious, reclusive wizard. He is twenty-seven years old and known for being very flamboyant and wicked.


Howl is kind, generous, and forgiving and appears suave and cool when you first meet him, but those traits are overshadowed by his negative traits of flirting with girls and jilting them. He also lies a lot and is quite a coward. Despite all of those traits, Howl is very vain. He uses charms and make up to make himself more attractive. We can see this example when Sophie mixes up some of the potions in his bathroom and his hair is dyed in a ginger color and says “I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful.”

Howl appears suave and cool when you first meet him, but as you discover more about him, there’s a much less appealing side to him. To put it bluntly, he shirks responsibility, slithers away from things he doesn’t like, and pretends he’s not doing anything wrong.

Even though he is a playboy, attention-seeking, self-absorbed nature, he’s quite kind and have somehow a child-like attitude, begging for attention and most importantly he gave his heart to Calcifer when he was a dying falling star. despite all the bad traits howl will forever be loved.

comment below on what you find cool about howl.

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