Top 4 Kawaii Spirited Away characters.

there is no arguing that all the characters in spirited away are so pretty and unique you don’t see one and go meh, instead you go in awe mode and just wonder how miyazaki can imagine all of these characters.

now i am going to rank what i think the most kawaii characters in spirited away, this list is not by any means final it’s just my personal opinion.

5. Dragon Haku.

his human form is so pretty, but not compared to when he transform to a dragon , i mean this magical creature fly like a celestial being, imagine watching the night sky something bright has catched your eyes and you wonder what is it, As it approaches you fast, you discover that the brightness is nothing than his silver skin, and you want to touch it to feel what chihiro had felt, but suddenly you wake up and find nothing it was all a dream, a beautiful one.

4. Radish spirit

Miyazaki: I Would Like to Make Film to Tell Children It's Good to ...

i think we can all agree on why this creature is cute i mean look at the sleepy eyes, the face we have when we don’t see the sun’s light for a century, i think everything about him is cute, the chubby physique the white fur.

3. Kaonashi ”no face”.

who doesn’t like a shy black spirit with no face, see no one i mean look t how he eats the cake like a little baby, and he is obedient in the scene with zeniba.

1. Susuwatari / Sootballs.

ok i am not going to argue about these creatures, i have seen them, liked them… didn’t got them. they are the cutest characters in the Spirited Away world. simple, fuzzy black balls with big white eyes and thin arms and legs, yet small and cute!

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