Chihiro Character Development.

Chihiro she is your typical ten-year-old girl, spoiled and over protected. first e can see her angry at her parents because they are moving to a new town and she does not want to go. since chihiro is unopened to adventure in the beginning Her parents want her to think of the move as an adventure, but all of chihiro’s childish behavior, will change in the story through trials to maturity and wisdom that Chihiro isn’t yet aware of.

First sign of maturity is following the rules, she instinctively values and follows the rules that she knows are important, while her parents didn’t pay attention to anything and started eating the food they find.

remembering who she is vital to owns survival, When Yubaba changes Chihiro’s name to Sen, she started losing her true identity. so chihiro carefully holds on to her former self because if she forgets who she used to be, he’ll be trapped in the spirit world forever. She believes that resisting her new identity as Sen is necessary to survive. But ironically her time spent as Sen is when her true self develops compared to the real self ”chihiro”.

By the end of the story, Chihiro is hardly the same girl who quakes at the entrance to the spirit world. Her growth happens naturally as she acclimates and when she left the spirit world she become more self-sufficient, self-reflective, and wise young girl. She realizes that the problems of moving to a new school are nothing compared to the real challenges of growing up.

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