Haku From Spirited Away

Name meaning.

Haku means white like the color of his dragon form and his clothing. He wears a hakama, a clothing of the shinto priest. He speaks very politely and is noble, which indicates his origin as a deity. He calls himself watashi instead of boku.

Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi is his real name. In the film, he just calls himself Kohaku river for short. He forgot his real name a long time ago, because the Kohaku river got shut down.

  1. Nigihayami implies his noble lineage nigi haya hi no mikot.
  2. Kohaku means amber.
  3. Nushi means spirit.

Physical Appearance.

  • appears to be around 12 years old in physical age.
  • dark hair in a perfectly shaped bob haircut and green-greyish almond-shaped eyes.
  • He wears a white kimono over a blue shirt and blue trousers.
  • When he transforms into his dragon form, he has a mint-green mane and a white, scaly body.


He can be kindhearted, strict and high-strung at other times. he will go further to help someone, as we can see with chihiro.

Haku’s identity is stuck in between two dualities: that of Haku, a cold, unemotional henchman to Yubaba and Kohaku, a kind River god who cares deeply for Chihiro. He is stuck between human and beast with his dragon form. This duality shows how individuals can occupy multiple identities at once but in different situations. Haku’s identity changes based on the forced changes he has gone through due to Yubaba and the environment or people he is with. Therefore, Haku’s identity is removed from him when he loses his name which gives him a new identity, and once returned, his former identity allows him to be better because he has his name back.


  • Haku is the only character in the film able to turn into a dragon at will.
  • As he once served as Yubaba’s apprentice, he likely has similar magical skills as she does.
  • The river he resided in was filled in with apartment buildings, according to Chihiro.
  • It is unknown if Haku can still turn into a dragon after regaining his lost name and memories.
  • Yubaba threatened Haku with killing him if she set Chihiro free if she found her parents in a group of pigs. In the English translation, Yubaba said instead Chihiro had to stay at the Bathhouse forever.
  • His age is unknown. As a spirit, he could be as old as Yubaba, or as young as Chihiro, though considering their romance, the latter is most likely.
  • According to Miyazaki himself, Haku and Chihiro will meet again in the afterlife.

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