Princess Mononoke What lessons this Movie teach us.

I have watched several ghibli movies over my life, the first one was spirited away when I was 15 years old, and over the course of my life i have watched many but always left Princess mononke for later, but recently I have ddecided to watch it, and honestly it was more thaan i expected it to be, as always miyazaki work is great.

but away from enjoying the story and the are let us dive into what the purpose of this movie, and what are the lessons that we should learn from it.

The first line in the movie says ”in ancient times a land lay covered in forests, where from ages long past dwelt the spirits of the gods”, so i was like probably it’s going to be something about nature as the movie went on i realized it is deeper than that.

Hatred was a big part of the movie, we can see it clearly from the anger of the first gods on humans ,when Prince (Ashitaka) got a curse because of hatred and anger, here’s a powerful line.

Ashitaka: Look, everyone! This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It’s eating me alive, and very soon it will kill me!

that’s why one must always pay attention to his feelings so when one feels, emotions like pain, hate,anger rise withing him he need to let go of it, even if it’s hard and we can’t let go of things easily but it’s a must because such emotions destroy our mental health and breaks us slowly.

the story has many deep and hidden meaning, that we will go into later.

let’s wrap up today with some quotes from mononoke,

”To see with eyes unclouded by hate”.

“You cannot change fate. However, you can rise to meet it, if you so choose.” – Hii-sama

“These days, there are angry ghosts all around us – dead from wars, sickness, starvation – and nobody cares. So you say you’re under a curse? So what? So’s the whole damn world.” – Jigo

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