6 Studio Ghibli shirts to celebrate the summer.

summer has come and that means time to ear shirts and tank tops, but how about wearing shirts that will express what you love, well let me show you 6 creative ghibli shirts that you ant to wear.

  • First Ghibli shirt, Called ”Ghibli” doesn’t sound creative from the name :D, this design was inpired from The Beatles’ Abbey Road photo.
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  • 2 Version of ”ghibli” in this design we add more characters that they weren’t in the first version.
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  • have you ever come across people who don’t know the alphabet, because i had and this is why the idea behind the shirt, to make an alphabet based on Ghibli characters, it’s eye catching unique and personal. Ghibli alphabet .
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  • Big chances are that you have started watching Ghibli movies when you were young, but as we get older we get nostalgic about our childhood and we want to get back to it, but what we need to remember is that child in as never grow. this is the story behind this unique shirt ”never grow old”.
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  • this design is a celebration for 35 years of memories and intcredible stories that he brought to us, without him we would have such an experiece.
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  • This one is my favorite combining the movies that have ghibli letters in them to create powerful display.
shop here

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